What? Leaving so soon? Well, if you've got to go, then at least let me point you in the right direction...

Friendly Faces:

Teetering Bulb

The conceptual design and illustration work of Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon, currently my favorite art team.



The art and philisophical stylings of Aaron Nakahara, master of fantasy. His website is almost always under construction, but it's enough to give you a sense of the man's unholy power...



Artist JP Mavinga, master of paint, and cyberpunk guru.



The website of Ian Hopkins, illustrator, photographer, and all-around sci-fi god.


Broken Umbrella

The artwork of Rain Polsky, who reigns over all things ludicrously tragic.


Klamp Design

Up-and-coming hotshot artist, Kieran Lampert.


Lungs of a Giant

LOAG: it's a musical revolution in the making. Check them out now, so that you can lord it over your friends later...


Sean Murphy

Internet ground zero for the sequential art phenomenon that is Sean Murphy. The guy's art just must be seen to be believed...


The Devil's Panties

Jennie Breeden is a former classmate turned webcomic phenomenon.


Girls with Slingshots The only problem with the webcomic Girls with Slingshots is that it only updates three times a week; this means that four days a week I'm left jonesing for Corsetto's wit and talent...

Random Information:


A user-submitted guide to the internet; I'm terribly addicted to it, and most of the time I'm awfully grateful for that. It's my daily dose of news and hilarity, filtered through a cross section of the internet geek-cum-libertarian community...


How Stuff Works

The greatest website for curious people. This site takes just about everything and explains its inner workings in a way that even I can understand it.



The Internet Movie Database, which is basically electronic crack for any movie junkie. This site cross-references every movie you've ever seen with writers, actors, directors, etc.


All Music Guide

The most thorough guide to music I've even seen. Emo, Neo-Prog, Shoegazer...all of the little obscure divisions are explained here, along with the artists who play them. Amaze your little indie-snob friends with your vast and mighty knowledge...

Wikipedia By now, surely you've heard about Wikipedia, the free internet encyclopedia. I'm a big fan; no matter what you hear from critics, I've found it to be reliably accurate, thorough, and user-friendly. And I'm a big fan of the democratic approach; wiki is one of the few online movements to fulfill the internet's promise of an anarchist utopia...