Just over a year after the last update, there is a lot to report, but sadly little new art to show!

First off, then--and straight to the good stuff--you can find a new pinup in the pinup gallery. This was a commissioned piece: I was asked to do a drawing of The Dungeonmaster, god of all D&D games. It was a fun project, and I happily accepted beer as payment. The pinup was colored using traditional media, and what you'll find in the pinup gallery is a photo of the finished piece (rather than the usual scans).

Second, I finished my doctorate as planned this past May--huzzah!--so that sword is finally no longer hanging over my head. I'm still seeking a full-time teaching gig, though. So once again, if you've found this site while Googling me for some job search committee, I offer you the following links:

  1. A copy of my CV can be found here.
  2. A summary of my dissertation can be found here.
  3. My Academia.edu page can be found over here.
  4. Finally, here is a philosophy cartoon--I hope you enjoy it.

While I've managed to make very little new art in the busy months since my dissertation defense, I have actually made a little bit more than my one update here would suggest. And so I'll try and pull some new pieces together for a larger update later this winter (or early spring). In the meantime, however, I've got jobs to apply for--and a slew of spring courses to plan--and so I'll have to leave you with the small offering above. Thanks, as always, for stopping by to check in on me!




Time flies, doesn't it? November already, and I've got a tiny update for the dilligently patient among you. First, you'll find alternate pass art for the final Contempt party, which was held this past July. I am proud to have been involed with the Contempt organization, and shall dearly miss both the company and the chance to make some really fun pass art.

Second, I did a poster for a friend's interpretation of A Midsummer Night's Dream, though--alas--the summer festival run for which the poster was created ended up being scrapped. Still, those of you in the New York area who enjoy creative, interactive theater experiences ought to keep an eye on Shakespeare Shakedown; not only in case Midsummer ever comes back, but also because it looks like they've got a MacBeth in the works.

Finally, a grad school update: I'll be defending this spring, and am currently "on the job market," as they say. If you are a member of a philosophy department search committee and have found this page, I commend your Google skills, and the following may be of interest to you:

  1. A copy of my CV can be found here.
  2. A summary of my dissertation can be found here.
  3. My Academia.edu page can be found over here.
  4. Finally, here is a philosophy cartoon--perhaps you'll find it funny.

That's all for now, folks--as always, thanks for checking in on me. I promise I'll have more art for you in 2014; in the meantime, I've a job to secure, and a dissertation defense to plan.




As grad school and teaching have kept me increasingly busy, you have all noticed a slowing of both updates and new works around here. The grad school progress continues (taking a break from the dissertation to post this update), but I still manage to squeeze in an art project here and there. Most recent is a new Contempt pass, for May's event. As you will see, I've been interested in suprematism lately, and decided to play with that in the new pass. In the pass gallery, you'll find not only the new pass, but also one I did for the December 2012 party--Contempt has been a godsend for forcing me to put those art skills to use every now and again!

I am still involved with the art exchange, though both the exchange itself and--a fortiori--my participation have both been a little spotty over the last few months, so you'll find but one new card up in the tarot bookmark gallery.

The last new piece for this update is a previously-unreleased Cemetery Polka strip. As you will recall, I created the Cemetery Polka comic strip for webzine Morbid Outlook. The most recent strip was done about two years ago for the forthcoming redesign of the site; alas, that redesign has been stalled for the moment. You can find it--and the rest of the strips--in the sequential art gallery, but I will also post a link here whenever the MO relaunch is unveiled. My hope is that I'll have the time to create a couple of new Cemetery Polka strips (I have over a dozen undrawn strips already planned out!), so I can promise you that Morbid Outlook will continue to be a venue for first-run strips in the future.

And that's it for this round of updates! I will keep you posted as new projects, new art shows, and (::knocking on wood::) new developments in my grad school career come along. Until then: if you're going to be in New York next month, check out Contempt! I'll see you soon.




Hm. Somehow, we managed to sneak past the ten year anniversary of this site without my noticing--how about that. The lack of fanfare can only be attributed to the grad school demon (dissertation be thy name) still running my life; but take this little update as a sign that I'm still alive over here, and still occasionally making a little bit of art. To wit:

I'm still a part of the on-going "art exchange," and you'll find three new tarot bookmarks in the pinup gallery. I also did the Contempt pass for last month's party--no theme this time, so we're back to gothy pinups instead of dragons. You'll find the new pass, as per usual, in the pass gallery.

Finally, I'll have three drawings in an art show being put on next month by the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning. The "Big Queens Drawing Show" will run from September 5 to October 31, and I'll post more details here as I know them. But if you're going to be around the borough of Queens at all during September or October, do pop in and take a look!



Just about time for the annual update, wouldn't you say so?

First up, a couple of new Contempt passes in the pass gallery, including this one for next month's party:

The theme is "Crom Cruach Night"--celebrating a bit of Celtic paganry on St. Patrick's Day--and, as per usual, you should stop by if you're in the neighborhood.

Second, I've joined a local "art exchange." This means that, each month, I'll be making one "piece of art" (very broadly construed...) and sending it to someone whose name/address I've recieved from the exhange; meanwhile, someone else will be making and sending something to me. In order to set myself some sort of project that I can consistently chip away at one month at a time for this thing, I've decided to make a series of tarot card bookmarks; I'm essentially designing my own tarot deck, but making them bookmark-shaped instead of card-shaped. The first bookmark goes in the mail this week, and as I get each one done I'll be posting copies here--you'll find the set-in-progress over in the pinup gallery.

Finally, Cemetery Polka is still a thing--but Morbid Outlook has been working on a relaunch. So whereas the next strip is done, I want to wait for it to go live over at MO before posting it here--stay tuned.




Another Contempt pass, another excuse for a mini update:

Newest pass is over in the pass gallery, of course; the flyer is for Contempt's anniversary party--so mark your calendars if you're going to be in the NYC area!

Meanwhile, I'll admit that I sometimes sneak other things onto this site while you're not looking. This past month, for example, has seen a bit of magical girl fanart pop up (as an accompaniment to a recent LiveJournal essay/post), and an illustration for a wedding card (congrats to Brian and Mary!). It's not that I'm intentionally being sneaky--it's rather that little updates of one or two images rarely seem worth calling an "update." Which, of course, is funny--seeing as how I've opened this post with the admission that I take Contempt flyers to be an excuse to "update"! Ah, well...


.A "mini-update," to tide you over until the new year. Wanted to post an update for (at least) two reasons: First, to show you the new Contempt flyer in time for you to actually attend the party (if you're in the neighborhood and of a mind); and second, to put links to all of the comic book reviews I've done for Tor.com into one easy-to-find location.

Hot off the presses, here's the flyer for the next Contempt party (January 2011) done by yours truly.

I'm not sure how I always end up doing Contempt flyers at the very busiest part of my semester, but so be it--the distraction was a welcome one, and it was nice to have an excuse to draw...You will, of course, find a larger version of this pass posted to the Passes section of the gallery.

Meanwhile, as some of you may be aware (who even reads this?), I've been reviewing comic books for Tor.com--a a lot of fun, to be sure. If you have missed this little self-indulgence party, here are links to my first 12 weeks worth of reviews:

Week 1: Best Week Ever

Week 2: Larger Meanings & Old Bets

Week 3: All Over but the Cryin'

Week 4: Punching Yourself Happy

Week 5: Strange Tales, Some Not Strange Enough

Week 6: Kicking Ass & Taking Namesakes

Week 7: Uncertain Death

Week 8: A Study in Scarlet

Week 9: Skip Week

Week 10: Reaching Critical Batmass

Week 11: The Uncomfortable Spider-Man

Week 12: Final Battles

Note that I've been reviewing with my esteemed colleagues Chris Greenland and Annie Gala--so not all of the reviews you'll read were written by yours truly. But it's easry enough to tell us apart. (Hint: My reviews are all marked "Matt says:")

As for anything and everything else: Be on the lookout for a new Cemetery Polka strip sometime in early 2011. And my philosophy blog is still alive, but it's been a little quiet lately; look for things to pick up a bit in early 2011, as I finally finish off the first draft of my dissertation. And finally, I'm still aware that I have yet to do anything with the "sketches" section of the gallery; that one's on the back-burner, but not forgotten (I promise).

So--enjoy the mini-update, and all the comics reading; I'll see you kids back here early in the new year.




..And you thought I was going to make it an entire year without an update, didn't you...?

Yes, it's been a slow art year (and yes, this lack of activity is directly correllated with the increase in dissertation activity over the past year...); but no, I haven't been completely inactive! First, I've got new Contempt passes up in the club flyers section; passes for two parties, but--because one of 'em was an anniversary--five new pass images in total. Second, I've created a new section for comic strips in the sequential art gallery--and in that section, you'll find not only larger versions of my Cemetery Polka strips from Morbid Outlook, but also a few random cartoons I've done over the past year. One of these is a guest strip submitted to Danielle Corsetto's Girls With Slingshots web comic; alas, it was not chosen to be the fill-in actually posted to her site (the winning strip involved the male characters of GWS punching each other in the testicles...how could I possibly compete?), but she has posted my strip, along with the other submissions, to her Flickr account for posterity...At any rate, note that the creation of a page for my comic strips started to make the "humor" page seem obsolete, so I have deleted it. The "field guide" formerly located on the humor page has now been relocated to the pin-ups page...Meanwhile, I still have done nothing new with the "sketches" page, but I assure you, the management is aware of the problem and will be addressing it in the near future...

Finally, updates continue to be slightly more regular over at my philosophy blog--so do feel free, as ever, to head on over there to see me...



Well, it's a minor update, but it should bring you up to date with me: Three new Contempt passes (including my first color pass for Contempt!); I now have three Cemetery Polka strips up at Morbid Outlook; and I've taken the sketch gallery down for now, but stay tuned for a new, updated gallery of sketches, probably with the next update...(Shall we shoot for sometime before 2010...?)

As always, you can find plenty of philosophical updates over at my blog. Which also reminds me: you can find my first published essay in bookstores now, in Open Court's Radiohead and Philosophy. It was a lot of fun to write--no more need be said!


Another update 9 months in the making...

As you've probably noticed, most of the art I do these days is for local parties (and most of these are for Contempt). True to form, with this update you'll find two new Contempt flyers in the club art section, along with original art for each.

However, I am also pleased to announce that, starting this fall, I am also contributing occasional comic strips to the webzine Morbid Outlook. I'm excited to be involved, as I'm a big fan of everything Mistress McCutchan has done over at MO--arguably the longest-running online gothic 'zine. The comic strip is called "Cemetery Polka," and the first strip can be found here.

Still updating the philosophy blog more freuqently than the art, but that's what you get for going to grad school, I suppose. Whether you've wandered over here from there, or have (inexplicably) found Archas Studios directly, thanks again for pausing to look around!



The good news is, I'm updating LiveJournal a little more frequently these days. Of course, the bad news is, as you've already noticed, I haven't gotten any better about updating this site! However, for the moment, here's what's new:

First, I'm doing enough club-flier art these days that I figured it ought to have its own section. That section is now called, appropriately enough, "Club Art," and you can find it linked off of the gallery page...Included in this section is the artwork for the Byte pass which I couldn't get to work back in March...(Hey, it only took me about a year, right?)

Finally, speaking of club-flier art, I've done another Contempt pass or two. One (which ended up being for naught, due to a lost party location back in November) has been tucked straight into the club art area. The other one you'll find in higher resolution over there, but I'm putting it up here while it's current:

So as ever, if you're around New York at the right time, stop by and have a drink (and of course, print off the image for a discount at the door)!



With grad school (and teaching!) heating up, I find less and less time to draw. Thanks to everyone who stops by the LiveJournal and leaves input; it's not much of a web presence, but it's something...!

I've done another Contempt pass, so I figured I'd at least throw that up here, so that you know I'm doing something with that art degree! The pass is over in the passess section. I also did some art for another local party, Byte, a few months ago, but I can't seem to make that image work at the moment. In the meantime, they have the pass image over on their site. The only change you'll notice when I get my original art up is the lack of a shovel; the implement in question was added by the guy who put the pass together (not my idea).

I have been keeping a sketchbook, so if and when I get some time (e.g., at the end of the spring semester, when my final grades have been handed in!), look for a (slightly) larger update with brand new sharpie sketches...In the meantime, come on over to the LiveJournal and say hello...!


A mostly-quiet update, but it's a little something new. Two little sketches, one of them from an open model session at the Society of Illustrators. The Society hosts an open model session for three hours every Tuesday (and another once a month on a Thursday), and the price isn't half bad either. So for those in New York looking for ways of keeping their skills sharp, I can't recommend it enough!

The other new bit is another pinup-style illustration for a Contempt pass. It's a lot of fun getting to design a pass every couple of months; and while I'm not totally satisfied with the way this one came out, it seems to at least do the trick:

[Moved here to hasten your load time...!]

So once again, if you're in the neighborhood on August 19, do stop by and say hello!



Let's look at the bright side: I beat the two year mark, didn't I?

Yes, one year, ten months after the last update, I'm back. While a major overhaul here at Archas.net may be brewing in the background, nothing too terribly major has happened just yet. Graduate school (now in New York City) is the major driving concern, so art work has been mostly limited to keeping a sketchbook. Rather than overload the Sketches page with a lot of silly little doodles, I have added seven of my more recent little doodles, just to give you an idea of what I'm doing these days. You'll see them; the top two rows of thumbails on the Sketches page.

Meanwhile, there's one new Pin-up illustration; this one done for a promotional pass for Contempt, a monthy goth/industrial/etc. party here in New York that I've been helping organize and run. The party's a lot of fun, so if you're in the neighborhood, come on out and say hello. Then look for the March '06 pass, with my art on it.

The last change involves the Salon section; instead of lengthy papers of dubious interest and untested philosophical merit, I have decided to go with something a little more in keeping with the rest of the Archas.net spirit. Therefore, the "Philosophy" section of the salon has been relocated to LiveJournal, where I can post my thoughts in a philosophy notebook of sorts, the same way I post art here; in a spirit of sharing, with a focus on process. Feel free to head over there, read anything that grabs your attention, and leave me your comments!

My endless thanks to anyone who still stops by here, and your patience with the rather slow pace of updates. And my gratitude to those of you who have been writing me, saying, "Hey; why don't you go update your site?!"


A little mini-update; I got the lettered versions of the most recent sequential pages today, and have put them up. They are directly beneath their wordless counterparts on the Inks page. I wish I had more for you, but I'm waist-deep in term papers at the moment...!


Baby steps. It's all about baby steps, folks. Life is still a whirlwind here; is it ever not? Finishing up a master's degree, getting ready to leave Boston, and--finally--sneaking a little update onto the site...Your patience is appreciated! Things are done for good around here at the end of May, so with any luck you'll see more happening then.

Meantime, what have I got for you? Well, my first honest-to-gosh project in almost two years, a sampler of sorts, done for my friend Mike. Five pages sampled from his autobiographical script. If and when I can get a lettered version, I'll throw that up online as well. In the meantime, the (wordless) pages can be seen in the Inks section. Also, at long last there is some content going up in the Salon section. A very little content, but content, all the same. So check it out, and send me your thoughts.

Finally, when you've had your fill of mini updates around here, there's an updated Links page to take you elsewhere...So show some of these folks some love. And that's it for this update. Like I said: baby steps...



So, the obvious question: what in the world is going on that it has taken 1 year, 5 months, and 1 day for this site to be updated?! And first and foremost, an apology; there has been content ready for uploading since just a few days after the last update. At that point, it was technological difficulties that delayed things. Access to computers, ftp programs, etc. But, more importantly, just a few weeks later, a far more overriding concern got in the way:

Graduate school.

I have been mired in academia, and while this is not a full excuse, I hope that there are those who can understand the way life just seems to...sneak up on a person. One minute you're getting your bearings in the shift from art school to the humanities, the next you are only a few months shy of facing comprehensive examinations and the prospect of moving on to yet ANOTHER program...

...But enough about me, what about the update?

Fresh for you here at Archas.net, the much-promised, long-not-delivered greeting cards. Read 'em, and then drop us a line with your thoughts. Second, a handful of new sketches. And finally, a few new cartoons. While experience has now shown me that I ought not make promises about when new content is going up, let it be known that there is also some work just waiting to be dropped into a format suitable for the Salon section. As that develops I'll keep you posted here. In the meantime, enjoy the new content, and feel free to let me know what you think!


Okay, I know. Almost two weeks since the last update. Well, there is some soon-to-come artwork, which for now seems to still be MIA...most notably the much-promised greeting cards. What I do finally have for you are some colored pages. They're lettered as well, actually, so for the first time to date here on archas.net, you can read a little mini story! Enjoy.

Thanks once more to those of you who have checked out the site and emailed me with feedback. It's nice to see the word spreading! More to come soon, I promise!


Thanks to those of you who have already gotten back to me about the site! I appreciate your criticism and support; keep it coming!

As of this update, the Illustration section is up and running, though as of yet still no greeting card portfolio; sorry! I'll have those up soon, I promise. Also, the Links section is updated and fixed, so now all tickets out of here work correctly...

We're coming up on the weekend, so in theory I should have a lot more going up in the next few days. I have to tell you, it's nice in the early stages of a website, when everything expands so quickly!


Hello, and welcome to Archas Studios Online! Please pardon the dust, as I continue to settle in around here. As of the launch, the Gallery section is online, though you should expect to see much more art going up within the next few weeks. The Contact and Links sections are also up in their earliest incarnations; you'll see them evolve rather quickly, I'd expect. The Salon section isn't up yet, though the link works. Expect to see content there as early as late summer, early fall at the latest.

For those of you who have never heard of me, take a look around. I'd love to hear your questions, comments, and concerns. And the rest of you, old friends who have patiently waited for this launch, I hope it was worth the wait. Let me know what you think, too.