First up, a long-term work in progress: a set of tarot card bookmarks. One month at a time, I'll be going through the tarot deck, designing my own "cards" as a set of bookmarks. As I get each one done, I'll post it here.


Fool magician High Priestess

Empress Emperor

In this section, you will see characters I have created as well as the characters of others. In some cases I have been asked to draw somebody else's character, or do an illustration or pin-up for someone else's story. In other cases, I have simply desired to "try out" a character I found interesting.

As none of these drawings are really sequential, per se, there are no stories which continue across several pages. I have therefore just arranged them all together.



Sailor Moon Madoka and Homura Shakespeare DM

Finally, h ere's a series I did while at the Savannah College of Art and Design; it's called A Field Guide to the Art Students of Southeastern Coastal Georgia: A Visual Reference for Identifying Different Species of Art Students in their Natural Habitat or Wildlife Reserves. Anyway, you get the idea...

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